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Making the most of your Mishy Moo product

It is very exciting when you first receive your beautiful candle to burn. You must also remember the care and safety instructions (found on the bottom of each jar you receive).

1. Never burn a candle right to the bottom of the glass. Always leave at least 10mm/1cm at the base – otherwise the jar will overheat and if left for long enough, will eventually result in cracking of the vessel.

2. Never burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time as the jar may overheat and eventually lead to cracking.

3. Always ensure you burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. 4. Never leave a lit candle unattended, or in a draught and always put it out of reach of children, pets or anything that can catch alight. 5. Before re-lighting your candle, ensure you trim the wick of the candle.

Candle Care Kits

Candle care is an important aspect which improves the safety, regulates the burning time and prolongs a candles life.

Mishy Moo's Candle Co now sells Candle Care Kits.

Happy Burning!